Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is Queen of the Internet.

I’m not joking.

Like, Queen with the capitalized Q and everything.

She’s the Queen of being real

Queen of hair


Queen of cutest dogs (Kermit, Mr. Marbles, and Peach)

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Happy Valentine's Day 💗

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and Queen of not giving a fuck.

Jenna Marbles, actually named Jenna Mourey, is simply one of the coolest people to ever be on YouTube. In a land of obviously scripted, banal content, she manages to combine entertaining without the expense of “selling out” as the kids say. She has 15.1 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.4 million on Twitter, and 3.2 million on Instagram. So, suffice to say (as a YouTube star), she rules the Internet.

Coming from Rochester, New York, Mourey received both her Bachelor’s of Science and Masters of Education (I feel so incompetent rn) before starting her prolific career in the entertainment industry with Barstool Sports, writing their female version of the site, StoolLaLa. In 2010 Mourey uploaded a video titled “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” that managed to get over 5 million views in that first week. In terms of 2010 when viral was just starting to be a thing, that’s pretty good. As of today the video has 61 million, making it her most popular video. “There is no cure for ugly,” she plainly states, “but you can make yourself into a human optical illusion.”This style, frank and full of expletives, introduced Jenna Marbles to the world and she’s maintained the same attitude ever since.

Whether drunk, acting, or ranting, she consistently produces content that doesn’t mess around. After hearing those classic squeaking noises she inserts at the beginning of every video (no doubt as homage to her dogs), there’s no doubt you’ll be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, simultaneously thinking “what the hell” and “SO relatable” and “can she be my best friend”.

Late April 2015, the CAA, Creative Artists Agency, officially signed her whereas she had previously been unrepresented by a talent agency. According to Variety, the CAA has said it will work to  push Jenna Marbles across more platforms (aside from her YT channel, blog, line of dog toys, podcast, and radio show) and create further opportunities.

I wish the best of luck to her and I expect even greater things to come!


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