Top 5: YouTubers

As more and more of YouTube mimics itself and its successes it’s becoming hard to find a quality channel. That’s where I come in. I love YouTube. If that isn’t obvious by now, I’ve just said it. On the list of people to give channel recommendations, I’d probably be somewhere on the list, maybe towards the bottom, but still on it. I feel like I have some of the qualifications to give you my totally unbiased (not) opinion. Here are 5 YouTubers that I LOVE.


Lex belongs at the top of this list. I have no idea how or when I subscribed to her channel, but oh boy, I am glad I did. Every video she posts is pure gold and oh so sarcastic (my favorite) in the way only British people can do. She knows what she’s about. All her videos follow the same format: short, sweet, and sarcastic. Whether it’s advocating veganism or feminism (another fave), Lex keeps it real all while maintaining her classic deadpan stare- well, most of the time. Serious person crush right here.

Casey Neistat

Casey only really came onto my radar two months ago and he’s already number 2 on my list. He’s legit. Ever since March 2015 he’s uploaded a vlog- he calls them movies- every single day. He understands the importance of staying creative, and thus started the project in order to ensure he maintains that creativity.  Every vlog is perfectly filmed, edited, and, and entertaining. What strikes me as most fascinating is simply how different he is compared to the rest of YouTube. He’s got a wife, two kids, successful career as a filmmaker, and most recently has become the owner of a new company. Since starting the vlog he’s gained almost 800,000 subscribers. Pretty impressive for a person who only started three months ago.

Marquees Brownlee

Ok, I’ve mentioned Marquees on 301views before, but I believe its always necessary to promote his channel. This guy somehow has a way of making the most banal technology speak seem absolutely fascinating and über important. Each video he posts is well filmed and edited perfectly so that the audience can really see the pros and cons of the product in the most efficient way possible. He makes an effort to produce as high quality videos as possible, filming on a RED Epic Dragon camera (4k videos) and top-of-the-line recording equipment. Recently, Marquees graduated from college and will take on YouTube as a full-time career, which makes me super excited. Seriously check him out, he knows his stuff.

Claire Marshall

I follow a lot of YouTube beauty gurus. A lot. So when I recommend Claire as my top, I really mean it. The video above was the first ever video I watched on her channel. It immediately made me subscribe. In a world where millions of beauty videos have almost identical formats, her creative style really stood out. She takes typical videos such as What’s in My Bag or Outfit of the Day and makes them her own, creating new and fresh content that I absolutely love. Each video is well-edited (are you seeing a theme here?) and eloquent- when Claire recommends something, you know she’s tested it for months and really means it. Overall, she is pretty much flawless and one of the coolest people to exist on YouTube.

Peruse Project 

Rounding out this top 5 list, I have Regan. She’s great. Her channel lies pretty much exclusively in BookTube. She pretty much introduced me to BookTube and paved my way to analyzing YT communities and their interactions. What makes her stand out over other BookTubers is probably her personality. Each review is earnest, meaningful, and enthusiastic. The best qualities, which might seem odd, are that she’s calm and collected, something that’s rare among the more popular BookTubers. Regan reviews a great mix of fantasy, contemporary YA, and historical fiction on her feed which will propably inspire you to take up reading again. Also, you may end up buying lots of books. Like, a lot.



One thought on “Top 5: YouTubers

  1. I LOVE Casey Neistat!!!!! I folllowed him way before he started to vlog. He’s the perfect inspiration for just about anyone! I definitely look up to him as a person, filmmaker and Youtuber! …. I’ve never even heard of the others on your list!


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