Rooster Teeth: YouTube

Rooster Teeth’s presence on YouTube is gigantic. I’m talking huge. They upload daily content on nearly all their channels, provide the latest in gaming news, entertain viewers through (many) let’s plays, all while having under a 60 employees. Their success follows the personalities and skills (or lack there of) of the Rooster Teeth employees.

Many of them originated from the Rooster Teeth community. Gavin was only 15 years old when he met Burnie (the creator of RT) on the Red vs. Blue original website. Michael originally made his own rage Let’s Play videos, which led to his Rooster Teeth recruitment. He later went on to become the host of the popular and beloved hit series “Rage Quit” on Achievement Hunter. Barbara, like many others, had been a longtime community member of the site and volunteered at the first RTX before being hired. Needless to say, they do a lot of internal hiring.

A lot of them work on multiple projects. Some do both gaming videos and voice acting, while others edit and host podcasts. To work at RT you need to wear many, many hats.

From the Rooster Teeth Shape Up Olympics

Here’s how to break it down. Consider Rooster Teeth (8M) home base. Then imagine that it had 4 children: Achievement Hunter (421K), Funhaus (654K), The Know (621K), and Game Kids (81K). These are their main divisions. And then, as families do, they expanded, rapidly into a dynamic of grand children, half-brothers, aunts and uncles, and “friends of the family”. Channels like Game Fails (554K) and Let’s Play (3M) are like the grandkids, AH Community (355K) I consider to take up that “friends of the family” spot, and the role of half-brother is none other than The Slo Mo Guys (5M) since it originally started as a separate channel, but joined the RT family due to it being hosted by one of their employees, Gavin.

There are 4 main divisions of the Rooster Teeth Productions YT empire:

Achievement Hunter (421K) produces content around video games. They’re a core component of the entire Rooster Teeth’s YouTube presence and covers additional YouTube videos on the channels GameFails, Let’s Play, and Achievement Hunter Community. Each of these focus on another sub-section of the video game community. Let’s Play (3M) is the biggest channel of AH, with the third highest subscriber count after the official RT channel and The Slo Mo Guys. Let’s Play is base to Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth, and Funhaus’ daily Let’s Play style gaming videos. Their most popular series is their Minecraft let’s plays, which comes out every Friday. It is also my introduction into the RT community almost 2 years ago. GameFails is exactly what it sounds like, a channel dedicated to posting compilations of the many hilarious “fails” that happen during a normal AH workday (which is basically playing video games all day). They upload videos like Top 5 Fails and Grand Theft Auto FailsAchievement Hunter Community (355K) contains content submitted by the AH community, which is why I categorized it as “friends of the family” above.

Funhaus (658K) is the Los Angeles, CA  division of Rooster Teeth (you know a company is big when they have a west coast office). Introduced on February 16, 2015, the majority of their channel focus on gameplays of obscure, broken, and objectively terrible games.

Rooster Teeth then, of course, has The Know (621K). Debuting in March 2014, this channel serves as their news branch. They upload short videos, usually multiple times a day, that update viewers on what’s currently happening in the world of video games, movies, tv, and tech. All to keep people in “The Know.” Get it?

The final division of Rooster Teeth is Game Kids (81K), which (as you guessed it) focuses on kid gamers. Like The Know and Funhaus it began revaltively recently- the teaser trailer for the channel came out on November 28, 2014. They follow a MWF schedule with a collection of hosts like Millie (Geoff’s daughter) and her nanny Chelsea to Caleb (a RT employee) and his brother Jordan. Each game either is rated for Kids- Millie plays the Sims- or has a focus on cooperative gaming.

Geoff and his daughter, Millie

Most viewers stumble upon Rooster Teeth through their YouTube content, which makes the success and management of their channels so important. Typically newbies come across either Michael’s Rage Quit series or Red vs. Blue, their flagship animated series. Is Rooster Teeth the best gamers in the industry? Probably not. But they are definitely the most entertaining. In the market of gamers-watching-other-people-game, they are king.



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