Rooster Teeth: The Future

So, what’s next for Rooster Teeth? Anything really- it’s not like they can run out of content. The gaming industry will always produce games that cater to all demographics and any interests and that Michael can rage at.

With unlimited content to use and a platform that reaches over half of Internet users, Rooster Teeth Productions no doubt will continue to grow, monopolizing more and more of the gamer market. Pewdiepie’s success with 38.6 million subscribers proves that an enormous demand for gaming content exists on YouTube.

Check out Fullscreen’s site here

Most recently in November 2014, MCN Fullscreen publicly acknowledged the importance of the YouTube gaming community through their acquisition of Rooster Teeth Production for an undisclosed amount. Fullscreen Chief Executive George Strompolos later commented about the rational behind the partnership, saying: “They are really pioneers in the online video space” and  “They have mastered the art of producing high-quality content but also managing to engage the community on a very personal level.”

 The industry behind the online video platform rapidly expands everyday and acquisitions like this are becoming increasingly common. Earlier this year, Disney purchased Maker Studios in a near 1 billion dollar deal. Most recently, AwesomenessTV purchased the MCN Big Frame for 15 million dollars.

These drastic business deals reflect the exponential rise of YouTube in today’s culture. Fewer and fewer people watch TV, choosing to watch shorter YouTube videos instead. Success in this industry is dependent entirely on viewership and these purchases prove that MCNs are willing to pay large amounts to acquire these communities. Rooster Teeth’s monopoly on gamers is no exception.

Discovery is a huge problem in today’s online video culture and their employees play a big, big driver of that. Most viewers discover Rooster Teeth either through RvB, Rage Quit, or The Slo Mo Guys, therefore RT really produces content based on that information. RvB shows no signs of stopping anytime soon and both Gavin and Michael, the faces of Rage Quit and Slo Mo Guys respectably, star in the company’s upcoming film Lazer Team. This casting maintains an unofficial rule within RT: “keep it in the family.”

Community-created Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

The breadth and width of their company easily lends itself to constant community involvement and content creation. Rooster Teeth relies so much on their fanbase that they often source new employees directly from the community. This creator/community dynamic differs from the atypical YouTuber/fan interaction. Rooster Teeth creates content in addition to encouraging that same creativity in their community. Its an exchange. These fans don’t just express their love for RT through “We Love You” signs or meet and greets, but through making content that reflects their gaming passion.

So much of their business has been built on feedback from the community, that In a 2014 Reddit AMA Burnie Burns had this to say about the future of Rooster Teeth:

…we got here by understanding the power of dedicated, engaged audiences because we are those people ourselves. We’re the guys who camped out for Star Wars Episode 1… We go to midnight releases. We support the things we love.

Gamers make up the Rooster Teeth community and without it there would be no Rooster Teeth. So what’s next for the production company? Ask the fans.


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